Fremantle is a major Australian port, but we tourists wouldn’t be focused on the ports. There are weekend markets in Fremantle, so make sure you visit Fremantle on those days instead of weekdays. The market sells all kinds of products. From ornaments, to books, to fruits, to flavoured milk, to bread and lots of other stuff. I’m pretty sure that there will be something that you will like! 

Head over to the port for fish-and-chips after your round of shopping. Don’t worry if you aren’t the seafood kind (like me), they do sell chicken-and-chips though! So not to worry that there aren’t any food for you. Make sure you keep an eye on the seagulls ;)

I wouldn’t recommend spending a full day over at Fremantle. Just head over to Fremantle in the afternoon for some weekend market shopping and get your dinner at the port!