It was an amazing 9 days trip to Taiwan with my mum! I feel that Taiwanese food is way too overrated in Singapore. It tasted alright, but not something that I will crave for back home. I'm more of a scenic person than a food person, so don't take my words for it Ü

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We went to Jiufen and Shifen on our third day. Tourists mainly travel to Shifen to release Kong Ming Deng or Sky Lanterns. Wishes are written on the lantern and every colour has it's own meaning. It works in the same principle as a hot air balloon.

Jiufen has a 老街 (old street) that sells lots of food and souvenirs. It was even featured in the movie Sprited Away! It's a must to visit Jiufen if you are in Taipei!

Taipei 101 was quite alright for me. Make sure to check weather forecast before heading over! You don't want to be queuing for hours to go up the skyscraper just to see clouds. Go on a weekday to avoid long queues.

Yehliu was the most amazing part of my trip and it totally reminded me of my trip to Perth in 2012. We were really lucky to visit Yehliu on a clear day (Taiwan has a pretty erratic weather). The photos are pretty much self-explanatory! It was an adventurous day for us. We started the day by walking the wrong direction after alighting the bus. It was worth getting lost as it lead us to an amazing place where probably no tourist will ever go to! Totally worth getting lost!

Yehliu Geopark was too crowded for my liking (excluding the cape). It just spoils the atmosphere when tourists are everywhere and you can't really get a clear photo of anything. We decided to climb up the cape towards the radio tower to avoid some of the crowd and I'm glad we did! It was pretty much deserted the whole climb up. Yehliu Cape offers the best view of the area and it was definitely worth the climb. We even trespassed an area to explore further!

It was a last minute decision to visit Yangmingshan and we weren't prepared to climb mountains. I pushed myself to climb to the peak even though I probably shouldn't have done so (bad weather and knee injury). I missed the 360 view of the area due to bad weather but I guess it's still worth it! Personal achievement. Not sure if I will climb it again, but my advise for you is not to visit the mountain if you are traveling during Winter. Taiwan's weather is just too erratic! It went from cloudy to heavy rain and fog in just 30 minutes. The panorama above was taken before the bad weather (around 15mins before). Definitely worth a visit if you love nature!